Shooting equipment for short firearms

Authors:Goldmann Tomáš, Dvořák Michal, Spurný Martin, Drahanský Martin
Licence:required - licence fee
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Keywords:u-ramp, short firearm, 2D data, 3D data, stereovision
It is a device that consists of u-ramp, Microsoft Kinect and two Canon digital cameras with objectives, which allows you to capture data for 2D and 3D reconstruction of the scanned object - specifically short firearms. Software for storing and annotating the captured data was created for this purpose.
The device is currently lent for the purpose of scanning of short firearms to:
Regional Directorate of the Police of the South Moravian Region, Kounicova 24, 611 32, Brno, Czech Republic.
Research groups:
Licence terms:
For information and license conditions contact please: Mgr. Radka Báčová, Research Centre of Information Technology, Faculty of Information Technology, Brno University of Technology, Božetěchova 2, 612 66 Brno, 541 141 473,

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