Dashboard Analyzer : a tool for analysis of dashboard visual characteristics

Authors:Hynek Jiří, Jelenčíková Adriána, Mejía Santiago
Licence:required - no fee
Keywords:dashboard, usability, evaluation, aesthetics, guideline review, usability metrics, subjective perception
Dashboard analyzer is a Java application which provides tools for processing and analyzing of screenshots of dashboard user interfaces. It was created as part dissertation in Brno University of Technology: http://www.fit.vutbr.cz/~ihynek/dashboards/

It provides following functionality:

  • loads images (from file or URL)
  • detects (automatically/manually using the interactive editor) regions which represent visually dominant objects (with respect to Gestalt laws / subjective perception of the user)
  • performs image operations and filters (gray-scale, posterization, thresholding, Hough-transform, etc.), show image histograms
  • performs pixel-based metrics analyzing UI characteristics (colorfulness, pixel-based balance, symmetry, etc...)
  • performs object-based metrics analyzing UI characteristics (Ngo's metrics of aesthetics and their modifications)
  • processes folders containing various UI descriptions of regions (analysis of subjective perception of users, generating heatmaps, etc.)
Licence terms:
GNU Lesser General Public License v3.0

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