Graph isomorphism detector

Authors:Zuzaňák Jiří, Zemčík Pavel
Licence:no - free
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Keywords:Graph isomorphism, Subgraph isomorphism, Graph automata, Dot language, Command interpreter
Authorised software is represented by source code of program, that enables detection of isomorphisms of searched (sub)graphs in given host graph. Software can be used for graph detection as standalone application (command interpret).  Source codes of program can be used as part of other graph processing tool (according to source code licence).  Isomorphism detection is performed by creation of graph automata, which is based on set of searched graphs. Created graph automata is then used for detection of all isomorphisms of searched (sub)graphs in target host graph. More detailed description of authorised software can be found in enclosed documentation. In documentation are further introduced examples of software usage and examples of command interpreter inputs.
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