PicoBlaze C Compiler

Authors:Křivka Zbyněk
Licence:no - free
Keywords:compiler, back-end, front-end, Small Device C Compiler, Xilinx PicoBlaze-3, assembler, C language
PicoBlaze C Compiler is cross-platform compiler of C language  for 8-bit soft-core Xilinx PicoBlaze-3 microcontroller.

Basic features of the first public version:

  • Small Devices C Compiler based front-end (supports and extends C99 standard syntax)
  • Syntax analysis of inlined PicoBlaze Assembler (keywords: __asm, __endasm) with support of two dialects (KCPSM3 and pBlazeIDE)
  • Basic decimal data types (char [8-bit], short, int [16-32 bit])
  • Data stack simulation (function calls, recursion)
  • Register allocation optimization
  • Disadvantage: Still missing structures, arrays, and pointers
We are still hardly working to add other important C language features to the compiler, so we recommend to see our wiki site for the current information.
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