An Easy to Use Infrastructure for Building Static Analysis Tools

Authors:Dudka Kamil, Peringer Petr, Vojnar Tomáš
Licence:required - no fee
Keywords:gcc, plug-in, static analysis, program verification, C
Our goal is to wrap the interfaces of existing code parsers and provide a unified and well-documented, object-oriented API (Application Programming Interface). The key advantage of our solution is that we allow building of analysers capable of handling everything that gcc is able to compile. Additionally, there is no need to pre-process the sources, neither to change the way the sources are being built. Hence, we make it easy to, e.g., run an analysis on a Linux kernel module or an autotools-based project, etc. Our infrastructure is implemented as a C++ library that can be used to build an analyser as a gcc plug-in (using the native gcc plug-in interface).
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