Automatic processing of scanned pages

Authors:Kadlec Jaroslav
Keywords:památky archeologické journal algorithms rotation alignment centering filtering processing page

Journal Památky archeologické has been based in 1854. Project Památky archeologické journal digitizing is concerned in saving journal to electronical form. Journal pages have been scanned to electronic data format using high resolution scanners creating over 41 thousands of pages. Developed applications of this product were used for automatic page compression, filtering, rotation and alignment.
Product contains several appliactions, used in process of journal Památky archeologické digitizing:
  • System for batch looseless compression/decompression of selected image pages (space saving).
  • Automatic filtering automatically removes noises from scanning process.
  • Automatic rotation detects page rotation and makes it upright.
  • Automatic centering detects page edges and saves it to the proper positon on A4 sized page.
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