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Keywords:CamSafe, IP camera, surveillance, recordings, image, video, FTP, WWW
CamSafe is a system for monitoring & management of surveillance recordings. An archival system is designed to securely store digital surveillance recordings for a specified amount of time and to view them using standard Web browsers.

It is designed for an IP based camera or a video encoding server to enable external storage capability. The camera uploads a sequence of images (or a video) to the CamSafe FTP server as a reaction to an event (clock, alarm, motion detected). Recordings there are fullfilled with an undeniable timestamp and they are asynchronously re-organized by CamSafe FTP monitor and CamSafe daemon, which makes it possible to view and store it for a defined amount of time using CamSafe WWW server. Administrators can set users' limitations and define the system behavior, look and language.

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