Prototype modules with CAN interface

Authors:Šimek Václav, Růžička Richard
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iconAD_Boards.jpgPhoto of manufactured prototype sample (acquisition modules)346 KB2012-03-30 14:33:20
iconCAN_Servo_control.JPGPhoto of manufactured prototype sample (control of electromechanical actuators)1022 KB2012-03-30 14:32:55
iconAD_Board_Engine.pdfSystem assembly blueprint (engine data)170 KB2012-03-30 14:33:08
iconAD_Board_Pressure.pdfSystem assembly blueprint (pressure data)213 KB2012-03-30 14:33:15
iconCAN_Servo_Control.pdfSystem assembly blueprint (control of electromechanical actuators)216 KB2012-03-30 14:33:02
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Keywords:prototyping, avionics, microcontroller, development platform, modular architecture, CAN bus, engine data, pressure data
Set of integrated modules used for the prototyping of system for monitoring of engine operational characteristics, pressure measurement and actuators' control. Individual modules are built up around microcontroller MC9S08DV16 with CAN v2.0 communication interface.
The specimen of development platforms is currently being used by the research team at: Faculty of Information Technology, Brno University of Technology, Bozetechova 2, 612 66 Brno,
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