Microprobe for monitoring of gigabit networks

Authors:Korček Pavol, Košař Vlastimil, Viktorin Jan, Fukač Tomáš, Kekely Michal, Kořenek Jan
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Keywords:network monitoring, embedded probe
Microproble is a small embedded device that can be utilized in ISP (Internet Service Provider) networks or directly to the infrastructure in between ISP and end Internet user. Thanks to FPGA technology, the microprobe is capable to monitor traffic covertly. Example is composed from several parts. There are hardware FPGA platform (with its equpment: power supply and uSD card), box for the platform (made by 3D printer), application firmware (stored persistently in the Flash memory on the platform) and software (OS and application) for the processor in the FPGA (all stored on the uSD card). All such components are part of the microprobe.
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Please consult licensing details with the project ("Modern Tools for Detection and Mitigation of Cyber Criminality on the New Generation Internet") leader.

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