Precise Triaxial Positioning for Evaluation of Optical Systems Accuracy

Authors:Španěl Michal, Zemčík Pavel, Kršek Přemysl
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iconVUT_FIT_3Dpolohovani_foto1.pngOverview of the three-axis positioning device.889 KB2015-10-22 13:35:47
iconVUT_FIT_3Dpolohovani_foto2.pngTop view of the three-axis positioning device.1,14 MB2015-10-22 13:35:47
iconVUT_FIT_3Dpolohovani_foto3.pngDetail of the electronics and wiring. The upper part shows three control units for controlling each stepper motor.600 KB2015-10-22 13:35:47
iconVUT_FIT_3Dpolohovani_foto4.pngDetail of the linear motion slides with stepper motors and proximity switches - mechanical stop on the left and inductive sensor on the right to calibrate the machine during initialization.543 KB2015-10-22 13:35:47
iconVUT_FIT_3Dpolohovani_foto5.pngDetail of the movable head design with the preparation for holding the test equipment (eg. cameras).453 KB2015-10-22 13:35:47
iconVUT_FIT_3Dpolohovani_video1_lowres.wmvSample video acquired during testing accuracy of a solution for real-time camera calibration and location in 3D space using visual markers -the checkerboard pattern in this particular case.3,17 MB2015-10-22 13:35:47
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Keywords:triaxial positioning, step motors, linear motion slide, optical systems calibration, image processing
The device is a functional sample for three-axis positioning in space for the purpose of measuring and capturing data sets with precise annotations of the current position. An application example is the experimental verification of image processing algorithms, e.g. camera localization and calibration in space. A camera, or other sensor, can be mounted on the movable head, which can be further positioned in 3D space using the control software. Precise movement in the X, Y and Z axes is guaranteed by using high quality ball linear motion slides equipped with stepper motors with a gearbox. The individual axes are controlled independently.
Laboratory L017.1 (1st basement), building of FIT BUT Brno, Bozetechova 1, 612 66 Brno, Czech Republic
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For information and license conditions contact please: Mgr. Michaela Burianová, Research Centre of Information Technology, Faculty of Information Technology, Brno University of Technology, Božetěchova 1, 612 66 Brno, 541 141 470,

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