VTServer: A service supporting computer vision applications

Authors:Fröml Vojtěch, Volf Tomáš, Zendulka Jaroslav
Licence:required - licence fee
Keywords:image processing, video processing, computer vision, metadata management
VTServer is a service that allows defining, deploying and handling analytic applications based on VTApi framework. It provides users access to detection algorithms of computer vision and to the results of computations in a unified format. Moreover, it makes possible to develop users own projects, to load multimedia data sets for processing and contains statistical function to evaluate the quality of detection.
Research groups:
Licence terms:
For information and license conditions contact please: Mgr. Michaela Burianová, Research Centre of Information Technology, Faculty of Information Technology, Brno University of Technology, Božetěchova 2, 612 66 Brno, 541 141 470, http://www.fit.vutbr.cz/~burianova/.

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