Scheduling Advisor for Performance Tuning of Juniper Applications

Authors:Rychlý Marek
Licence:required - no fee
Keywords:scheduling, deployment plan, distributed computing
The Scheduling Advisor tool can analyse a Juniper application deployment plan and monitoring data on executions of Juniper programs, components of Juniper platform. The analysis results into a set of warnings and advice for optimization of the deployment plan. The tool take an XML document of the deployment plan and a JDBC URI for access to a monitoring data database, and produces the analytic results in the form of a plain-text human-readable description and an XML document suitable for further processing in Juniper tools (more specifically, in Modelio modelling environment). The tool was created for Java platform for hIgh PErformance and Real-time large scale data management (JUNIPER) project.
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Licence terms:
Free software under the terms of the BSD license.

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