Authors:Bloudíček Jan, Rek Vít, Veselý Vladimír
Licence:required - no fee
Keywords:PDM, EIGRP, Cisco
The ANSAINET project focuses on automated simulation of computer networks in frame of discrete-event simulator OMNeT++. The motivation behind the project is to provide researchers and network administrators with a tool to help them design TCP/IP-based networks. Simulator offers easy, cheap and safe environment to test complex network functionality under various circumstances - i.e., how routing protocols convert during the particular link failure; how many users can be affected by server inaccessibility; whether the firewall rules contain any inconsistencies, etc. ANSAINET is publicly available as one of the official frameworks for OMNeT ++ (see Over the course of its existence, many bachelor/master work has been done at our faculty, its simulation modules are also used in industry by firms such as IBM or GMV, ANSAINET served as a basis tool for articles (details on
The reported software extends the functionality of ANSAINET and adds the Enhanced Interior Gateway Routing Protocol to the portfolio of supported routing protocols (being the first one supporting full-fledged). EIGRP is originally a Cisco proprietary routing protocol based on the distance-vector principle with a diffusion algorithm for distributing routing information to ensure loop-less topologies. In contrast to INET's basic framework, ANSAINETs EIGRP adds support for IPv6 dynamic routing as well, because it has been implemented for both address families. Simulation models are accompanied by several scenarios (available at the public source project repository demonstrating their compatibility with RFC 7868.
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