Lemmiwinks framework, MozArch application

Authors:Serečun Viliam, Veselý Vladimír
Licence:required - no fee
Web archiving, Mozilla Archive Format, Web scraping, Web indexing, Lemmiwinks, MultiFunctional Index Scraping Tool
Many legal institutions require the burden of proof on web content. These tools deal with the problem of automating web refurbishment and web archiving. The main goal is to provide solutions with open source code that will satisfy legal institutions with their requirements. This work represents two main products. The first is the Lemmiwinks framework, which is the cornerstone for developing applications for website extraction and archiving. The second product is MozArch, a prototype showing the use of the framework. The MozArchi output is a MAFF file that includes a refurbished web page, website screenshot, and a meta-information table such as IP addresses, ports, and a time stamp.
Lemmiwinks framework source codes are available: https://github.com/nesfit/Lemmiwinks

MozArchive application source codes are available: https://github.com/nesfit/mozarch
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Both softwares are offered under MIT license

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