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TUPEC Pavel and FUČÍK Otto. Software monitoring of the PCI bus. In: 6th International Workshop on Electronics, Control, Measurment and Signals. Liberec: Liberec University of Technology, 2004, pp. 310-314. ISBN 55-025-003.
Publication language:english
Original title:Software monitoring of the PCI bus
Title (cs):Software pro monitorvání sběrnice PCI
Proceedings:6th International Workshop on Electronics, Control, Measurment and Signals
Conference:6 th International Workshop on Electronics, Control, Measurement
Series:ECMS 2003
Place:Liberec, CZ
Publisher:Liberec University of Technology
WDM, driver, PCI bus
This article deals with the problems in development and implementation of a bus monitoring software for operating systems Microsoft Windows 98/2000/XP. The software should be capable of monitoring one or more devices connected to the PCI bus to gauge the bus throughput and to detect the number of the accesses, operating transferred mode used to the device access and bulk of the carried data.  The PCI bus is susceptible to the distance from the conductor to the device. It means, that there is a problem of the parasitic capacities on the conductors and the corresponding data delay.  That is why this information has been located by the specialized, and expansive logical analyzer unit, which allows watch the bus communication traffic. There are two main aspects influencing the throughput of a bus as follows: devices connected to the bus and optimization of the access to the bus performed by the device driver. 
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