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LOURENCO Joao, FIEDOR Jan, KŘENA Bohuslav and VOJNAR Tomáš. Discovering Concurrency Errors. Lectures on Runtime Verification: Introductory and Advanced Topics. Cham: Springer International Publishing, 2018, pp. 34-60. ISBN 978-3-319-75632-5. Available from:
Publication language:english
Original title:Discovering Concurrency Errors
Title (cs):Odhalování chyb v paralelismech
Book:Lectures on Runtime Verification: Introductory and Advanced Topics
Series:Lecture Notes in Computer Science, vol 10457
Place:Cham, DE
Publisher:Springer International Publishing
Software correctness, quality assurance, nondeterminism, concurrency errors, atomicity violations, data races, deadlocks, dynamic analysis, noise injection.
Lots of concurrent software is being developed for the now ubiquitous multicore processors. And concurrent programming is diffi- cult because it is quite easy to introduce errors that are really hard to diagnose and fix. One of the main obstacles to concurrent program- ming is that threads are scheduled nondeterministically and their inter- actions may become hard to predict and to devise. This chapter addresses the nature of concurrent programming and some classes of concurrency errors. It discusses the application of dynamic program analysis tech- niques to detect, locate and diagnose some common concurrency errors like data races, atomicity violations and deadlocks. This chapter also mentions some techniques that can help with quality assurance of con- current programs, regardless of any particular class of concurrency errors, like noise injection and systematic testing, and it is closed by some prospects of concurrent software development.
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