KRÁLÍK Miroslav, KLÍMA Ondřej, ČUTA Martin and ZEMČÍK Pavel. Statistického prostředky modelování růstových procesů z pohledu současné teorie růstu člověka. Mikulovský Antropologický Mítink (MAM II). Brno: Academy of Sciences of the Czech Republic, 2018. ISBN 978-80-7524-018-7.
Publication language:czech
Original title:Statistického prostředky modelování růstových procesů z pohledu současné teorie růstu člověka
Title (en):The statistical means of modeling of growth processes from the point of view of the current theory of human growth
Book:Mikulovský Antropologický Mítink (MAM II)
Conference:Mikulovský Antropologický Mítink II
Place:Brno, CZ
Publisher:Academy of Sciences of the Czech Republic
human growth, longitudinal study, pediatrics, software
The paper is focused on a concept of currently developed computer application GROWTH, designed as practical tool for pediatricians, allowing observation, evaluation and prediction of infants and teenagers growth. The application exploits data from four available longitudinal studies of human growth and novel measurements of current Czech population in semilongitudinal order. On contrary with traditional approach (percentile plots outcomming cross sectional studies) the software will be based on statistical modeling of individual growth curves using plain and mixed growth models together with information about relevant anamnestic factors.

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