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DVOŘÁK Michal and DRAHANSKÝ Martin. 3D Hand Geometry Recognition. Biometric-Based Physical and Cybersecurity Systems. Cham: Springer International Publishing, 2018, pp. 103-123. ISBN 978-3-319-98733-0. Available from:
Publication language:english
Original title:3D Hand Geometry Recognition
Title (cs):Rozpoznání 3D geometrie ruky
Book:Biometric-Based Physical and Cybersecurity Systems
Place:Cham, CH
Publisher:Springer International Publishing
3D hand geometry, structured light, diffraction grating, line scan camera, stereovision

Using 3D hand geometry biometrics solves the problem of low entropy presented by simple hand geometry biometrics. For it to become widespread however, there are challenges that need to be overcome. The approaches to capture the three-dimensional model of a hand at sufficient speed, quality costs are still being developed, as are the methods of identification based on the acquired data. 

In this chapters, the current static acquisition approaches will be described, such as active triangulation via the structured light, the passive triangulation using multiple cameras and time of flight devices. Novel dynamic acquisition method utilizing line scan cameras will also be presented. With 3D hand geometry, we also can gain freedom regarding the hand position and orientation during acquisition. A depicture of feature extraction of 3D hand profile and their utilization will be presented.
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