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KAZZAZ M. Mohanned and RYCHLÝ Marek. Restful-based Mobile Web Service Migration Framework. In: 2017 IEEE International Conference on AI & Mobile Services (AIMS). Honolulu: IEEE Computer Society, 2017, pp. 70-75. ISBN 978-1-5386-1999-5.
Publication language:english
Original title:Restful-based Mobile Web Service Migration Framework
Title (cs):Rámec pro migraci mobilních webových služeb založený na technologii REST
Proceedings:2017 IEEE International Conference on AI & Mobile Services (AIMS)
Conference:6th IEEE International Conference on AI & Mobile Services
Place:Honolulu, US
Publisher:IEEE Computer Society
service-oriented architecture; RESTful; Self-Adaptation; Mobile-Hosted Mobile Web Services (MHMWS)
Nowadays, web service provisioning on mobile devices has become a high demand due to the improvement in mobile device capabilities and web service technologies. In this paper we present a RESTful-based framework for Mobile Web service migration and provisioning on both Android-based mobile devices and Java-based stationary devices in P2P wireless network. The proposed Web service migration framework enables deploying, publishing, discovering, provisioning and migrating Web services to satisfy service providers' and Web services' preferences and improve QoS performance.
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