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PULUGUNDLA Bhargav, BASKAR Murali K., KESIRAJU Santosh, EGOROVA Ekaterina, KARAFIÁT Martin, BURGET Lukáš and ČERNOCKÝ Jan. BUT system for low resource Indian language ASR. In: Proceedings of Interspeech 2018. Hyderabad: International Speech Communication Association, 2018, pp. 3182-3186. ISSN 1990-9772. Available from:
Publication language:english
Original title:BUT system for low resource Indian language ASR
Title (cs):VUT systém pro rozpoznávání indických jazyků s omezenými zdroji
Proceedings:Proceedings of Interspeech 2018
Conference:Interspeech 2018
Place:Hyderabad, IN
Journal:Proceedings of Interspeech, Vol. 2018, No. 9, FR
Publisher:International Speech Communication Association
Indian languages, low resource ASR, multilingual, LF-MMI
This paper describes the BUT Jilebi teams speech recognition systems created for the 2018 low resource speech recognition challenge for Indian languages. We investigate modifications of multilingual time-delay neural network (TDNN) architectures with transfer learning and compare them to bi-directional residual memory networks (BRMN) and bi-directional LSTM. Our best submission based on system combination achieved word error rates of 13.92% (Tamil), 14.71% (Telugu) and 14.06% (Gujarati). We present the details of submitted systems and also the post-evaluation analysis done for lexicon discovery using unsupervised word segmentation.
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