Conference paper

JIRÁK, O., KŘIVKA, Z., OLŠAROVÁ, N. and VAŠÍČEK, Z.. Odvozování propojení komponent pro podporu návrhu pro malé FPGA čipy. In: DATAKON 2010 Proceedings (Ed. Petr Šaloun). Mikulov: University of Ostrava, 2010, pp. 81-90. ISBN 978-80-7368-424-2.
Publication language:czech
Original title:Odvozování propojení komponent pro podporu návrhu pro malé FPGA čipy
Title (en):Component interconnection inference supporting the design of small FPGA-based systems
Proceedings:DATAKON 2010 Proceedings (Ed. Petr Šaloun)
Conference:DATAKON 2010
Place:Mikulov, CZ
Publisher:University of Ostrava
FPGA, inference, interface, component, connector, port, pin, interconnection, configuration, architecture
The paper studies use of component technology to simplify the design of small FPGA-based system. Based on component modeling, we introduce a knowledge base supporting the creation of a configuration using the given architecture. The major tool of this support is the algorithm for the semiautomatic inference of a component interconnection defined by user on the higher level of abstraction. We include a demonstration example of an application used in the educational process.
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