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GOLDMANN Tomáš, MARŠÁNOVÁ Lucie, NĚMCOVÁ Andrea, SMÍŠEK Radovan, SMITAL Lukáš and VÍTEK Martin. Automatic detection of P wave in ECG during ventricular extrasystoles. In: IFMBE Proceedings. Singapore: Springer International Publishing, 2018, pp. 381-385. ISBN 978-981-10-9037-0. ISSN 1680-0737.
Publication language:english
Original title:Automatic detection of P wave in ECG during ventricular extrasystoles
Title (cs):Automatická detekce P vlny v EKG během ventrikulárních extrasystolů
Proceedings:IFMBE Proceedings
Conference:World Congress on Medical Physics & Biomedical Engineering
Place:Singapore, SG
Journal:International Federation for Medical and Biological Engineering, Vol. 2018, No. 2, GB
Publisher:Springer International Publishing
P wave, ECG, extrasystoles
This work introduces a new method for P wave detection in ECG signals during ventricular extrasystoles. The authors of previous works which deal with detection of P waves tested their algorithms mainly on physiological records (sinus rhythm) and they reached good results for these records. Testing of P wave detection algorithms using pathological records is usually not provided and if it is, the results are notably worse than in the case of physiological records. The automatic and reliable detection of atrial activity in pathological situations is still an unsolved problem. 
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