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KOBLIHA Miloš a SCHWARZ Josef. Self-Organizing Migrating Algorithm for Dynamic Problems: An Experimental study. In: 13th International Conference on Soft Computing. Brno: Fakulta strojního inženýrství VUT, 2007, s. 24-29. ISBN 978-80-214-3473-8.
Jazyk publikace:angličtina
Název publikace:Self-Organizing Migrating Algorithm for Dynamic Problems: An Experimental study
Název (cs):Self-Organizing Migrating Algorithm for Dynamic Problems: An EXperimental study
Sborník:13th International Conference on Soft Computing
Konference:13th International Mendel Conference on Soft Computing
Místo vydání:Brno, CZ
Vydavatel:Fakulta strojního inženýrství VUT
Klíčová slova
SOMA algorithm, dynamic environment, limited lifetime, multi-population, AllToElite strategy.
This paper is an experimental study investigating the capability of well known Self-Organizing Migrating Algorithm (SOMA) to solve dynamic problems. We have proposed a new extension of SOMA algorithm with two new approaches based on multi-population and elite concept. We tested the performance of the algorithm on the artificial benchmark with moving peaks. The experimental results confirmed the capability of the proposed dynamic xSODOMA algorithm to effectively adapt the search process towards the nonstationary global optimum.
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