Conference paper

ZEMČÍK Pavel. Research Projects and Industry in Europe. In: Proceedings of New Horizons in Industry Business and Education. Chania: Technological Educational Institute of Crete. Heracleion, Gree, 2013, pp. 257-261. ISBN 978-960-99889-6-4.
Publication language:english
Original title:Research Projects and Industry in Europe
Title (cs):Výzkumné projekty a průmysl v Evropě
Proceedings:Proceedings of New Horizons in Industry Business and Education
Conference:8th International Conference "New Horizons in Industry, Business and Education"
Place:Chania, GR
Publisher:Technological Educational Institute of Crete. Heracleion, Gree
Research projects, Education projects, Research programs.
Future development in Europe depends heavily on economy. Industry and innovation, the key aspects of economic development, highly depend on how the research, innovation, and also education are performed and especially how the research and education can match the needs of industry, how the results are transferred to the industry, and also how industry can affect the research and education. This contribution focuses on aspects of European situation in research and academic projects in collaboration with industry and attempts to map important aspects of the collaboration. Specifically addressed are, besides research projects and schemes and educational and exchange programs, such as collaborative research projects and also European structural fund investments in research infrastructure.
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