Conference paper

SAMEK Jan and ZBOŘIL František. Algorithmic Evaluation of Trust in Multilevel Model. In: Proceedings of the 7th EUROSIM Congress on Modelling and Simulation. Praha: Czech Technical University Publishing House, 2010, pp. 90-95. ISBN 978-80-01-04589-3.
Publication language:english
Original title:Algorithmic Evaluation of Trust in Multilevel Model
Title (cs):Algoritmické vyhodnocování důvěry v multi-úrovňovém modelu
Proceedings:Proceedings of the 7th EUROSIM Congress on Modelling and Simulation
Conference:7th EUROSIM Congress on Modelling and Simulation (2010)
Series:Vol. 2
Place:Praha, CZ
Publisher:Czech Technical University Publishing House
trust evaluation, multilevel graph, agent reasoning, context trust
Artificial agents are autonomous entities that should behave rationally by their own control. They should have also some social abilities that enable them to make strategic decision inside a multi-agent community. One of such decision is to select proper partner which it believes that its behaviour will be reliable and trustworthy. We address area of trust which may be important for improving agent's reasoning capabilities and by this also rationality of its behaviour within an agent or multi-agent system. This paper introduces specification of the model which is used for representation of trusts and their hierarchy in agent's beliefs. In fact this is a part of agents's belief base and it is used when decision about some system element trustworthy takes part in agent's reasoning process. For these purposes, we develop Hierarchical Model of Trust in Context which is represented by multilevel graph, where each node of the graph represents different aspects (contexts) of trustee and each edge of the graph represents correlation between different aspects. This is useful to modelling trust in respect to context-aware environment.
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