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BRUMMER Niko, BURGET Lukáš, KENNY Patrick, MATĚJKA Pavel, DE Villiers Edward, KARAFIÁT Martin, KOCKMANN Marcel, GLEMBEK Ondřej, PLCHOT Oldřich, BAUM Doris and SENOUSSAUOI Mohammed. ABC System description for NIST SRE 2010. In: Proc. NIST 2010 Speaker Recognition Evaluation. Brno: National Institute of Standards and Technology, 2010, pp. 1-20.
Publication language:english
Original title:ABC System description for NIST SRE 2010
Title (cs):Popis ABC systému pro NIST SRE 2010
Proceedings:Proc. NIST 2010 Speaker Recognition Evaluation
Conference:2010 NIST Speaker Recognition Evaluation Workshop
Place:Brno, CZ
Publisher:National Institute of Standards and Technology
speech, speaker recognition, evaluation, JFA system
The paper is on three different fusions of subsystems that were presented at the NIST SRE 2010 Workshop. ´These subsystems are products of the collaboration between BUT, Agnitio and Crim.
The ABC submission is a collaboration between: Agnitio Labs, South Africa Brno University of Technology, Czech Republic CRIM, Canada We submit three different fusions of subsystems, as well as a mothballed version of the BUT 2008 JFA system. All four submissions are exercised only on the core condition. As in 2008, our efforts were directed at handling different telephone and microphone channels. Additionally this year, we concentrated on English speech and on the special challenges posed by the new DCF weighting. All of our development decisions were made in order to optimize for actual DCF, with the new weighting. We made no special effort to compensate our systems for speech of low or high vocal effort.
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	and Old{\v{r}}ich Plchot and Doris Baum and Mohammed
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