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PODERMAŃSKI Tomáą. Redundance od sí»ové vrstvy aľ po zařízení (Maximum pro sí»ovou jistotu). CONNECT!. Brno: Computer Press, s.r.o, 2010, vol. 10, no. 4, pp. 18-20. ISSN 1211-3085.
Publication language:czech
Original title:Redundance od sí»ové vrstvy aľ po zařízení (Maximum pro sí»ovou jistotu)
Title (en):Resilency from the network layer up to device
Journal:CONNECT!, Vol. 10, No. 4, Brno, CZ
resilent network, OSPF, STP, RSTP, NIC teaming, NIC bonding
The requirements for stability of computer networks grows up every day. This state is caused by huge dependency of many system on IP based networks. Today, the failure of the network  does not mean only collapse  of the accounting system but in many cases telephony, building management systems or CCTV systems are affected. Troubles becomes not only during failure of a device but it is difficult to find a time window for maintenance of the network (eg. hardware or firmware upgrade). The article describes technologies and protocols used for building resilient network that have eliminated single point of failure (SOPF). All devices connections between them are fully resilient, so in case of failure any of them none services should be affected. Article prefer to use standardized protocols instead of proprietary equivalents.   

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