HEROUT Adam, DUBSKÁ Markéta and HAVEL Jiří. Real-Time Detection of Lines and Grids: By PClines and Other Approaches. London: Springer London, 2012. ISBN 978-1-4471-4413-7.
Publication language:english
Original title:Real-Time Detection of Lines and Grids: By PClines and Other Approaches
Title (cs):Detekce přímek a mřížek v obraze v reálnem čase: Pomocí PClines a jiných přístupů
Series:Springerbriefs in Computer Science
Place:London, GB
Publisher:Springer London
parallel coordinates, Hough transform, line detection, real-time detection,
This text provides a survey of the latest research into the Hough transform for line detection and its contemporary developments. Written with students in mind, this work can serve as a condensed textbook and as a reference for practitioners working in computer vision. The text also presents an overview and detailed elaboration of recent research related to PClines - a line parameterization based on parallel coordinates. A detailed analysis of the concept is given, including implementation details and measurements. One chapter discusses the detection of chessboard-like patterns, and sets of parallel lines and lines coincident with one (vanishing) point - a topic with many applications, such as 2D barcodes, aerial images, and architecture recognition. The work summarizes recent research in the field, and analyses new advances achieved using the PClines parameterization.
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