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ZEMČÍK Pavel, MUSIL Petr and MUSIL Martin. High Dynamic Range Video; Concepts, Technologies and Applications. High Dynamic Range Video, 1st Edition. London: Elsevier Science, 2016, pp. 145-154. ISBN 978-0-12-809477-8. Available from:
Publication language:english
Original title:High Dynamic Range Video
Title (cs):Video s vysokým dynamickým rozsahem; Koncepty, Technologie a Aplikace
Book:High Dynamic Range Video, 1st Edition
Place:London, GB
Publisher:Elsevier Science
HDR, Video, Capture, Deghosting, Tonemapping, Hardware acceleration, FPGA, Compression, Broadcasting, Display
This chapter is focused on hardware acceleration of acquisition and compression of HDR video. Individual HDR frames are composed from several differently exposed images captured with standard camera. Compression algorithm, developed by goHDR company, is backward-compatible with standards used for video streaming and broadcasting. These algorithms were implemented on development kit based on Xilinx Zynq FPGA. The overall result is a prototype of HDR camera.
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