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KRŠEK Přemysl, KRUPA Petr and ČERNOCHOVÁ Pavlína. Teeth and Jaw 3D Reconstruction in Stomatology. In: Medical Information Visualisation - BioMedical Visualisation. Zurich: IEEE Computer Society, 2007, pp. 23-28. ISBN 0-7695-2904-6.
Publication language:english
Original title:Teeth and Jaw 3D Reconstruction in Stomatology
Title (cs):Trojrozměrná rekonstrukce zubů a čelisti ve stomatologii
Proceedings:Medical Information Visualisation - BioMedical Visualisation
Conference:4th International Conference BioMedical Visualization
Place:Zurich, CH
Publisher:IEEE Computer Society
3D reconstruction, CT data, stomatology, modeling
The article deals with problematic of 3D tissues reconstruction in area of stomatology. 3D geometry models of teeth and jaw bones we have created based on input CT image data. The input discrete CT have to be segmented by nearly automatic procedure with correction and verification. Creation of segmented tissue 3D geometry models is based on vectorization of input discrete data extended by smoothing and decimation. We have actually processed data for almost 40 patients (~ 60 models). Created 3D models are all applied in clinical practice for planning, simulations and navigation in orthodontic and stomatology surgery treatments.
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