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KUNOVSKÝ Jiří, KRAUS Michal, ŠIMEK Václav and PETŘEK Jiří. GPU Based Accelleration of Telegraph equation. In: Proceedings UKSim 10th International Conference EUROSIM/UKSim2008. Cambridge: IEEE Computer Society, 2008, pp. 629-630. ISBN 0-7695-3114-8.
Publication language:english
Original title:GPU Based Accelleration of Telegraph equation
Title (cs):Akcelerace výpočtu telegrafní rovnice založená na GPU
Proceedings:Proceedings UKSim 10th International Conference EUROSIM/UKSim2008
Conference:10th International Conference on Computer Modelling and Simulation
Place:Cambridge, GB
Publisher:IEEE Computer Society
Taylor series, GPU, accelleration, parallel algorithm, telegraph equation
In a matter of just a few years, the programmable graphics processor unit has evolved into an absolute computing workhorse. With multiple cores driven by very high memory bandwidth, today's GPUs offer incredible resources for both graphics and non-graphics processing.
An original mathematical method "Modern Taylor Series Method" (MTSM) which uses the Taylor series method for solving differential equations in a nontraditional way has been developed and implemented in TKSL software. Even though this method is not much preferred in the literature, experimental calculations have shown and theoretical analyses have veriffed that the accuracy and stability of the Taylor series method exceeds the currently used algorithms for numerically solving differential equations. It is the aim of the paper to illustrate GPU and MTSM for numerical solutions of a telegraph line.
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