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MAZAL Zdeněk, JANOUŠEK Vladimír and KOČÍ Radek. Enhancing the PNtalk Language with Negative Predicates. In: MOSIS '08. Ostrava, 2008, pp. 28-34. ISBN 978-80-86840-40-6.
Publication language:english
Original title:Enhancing the PNtalk Language with Negative Predicates
Title (cs):Rozšíření jazyka PNtalk o negativní predikáty
Proceedings:MOSIS '08
Conference:MOSIS2008 - 42nd Spring International Conference on Modelling and Simulation of Systems
Place:Ostrava, CZ
Object Oriented Petri Nets, PNtalk, Negative Predicates
This paper describes some of the drawbacks we have encountered using the PNtalk tool to model intelligent systems. We discuss the properties of high-level Petri nets that cause these drawbacks and compare various possible solutions. Finally, we present the selected approach. An enhancement of the PNtalk language with negative predicates is proposed and we show the exact semantics as well as usage on a practical example.
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