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KRESLÍKOVÁ Jitka and KVĚTOŇOVÁ Šárka. Risk Assessment in Software Development Projects. In: Work in Progress 34th Euromicro SEAA Conference. Parma: Johannes Kepler University Linz, 2008, p. 2. ISBN 978-0-7695-3276-9.
Publication language:english
Original title:Risk Assessment in Software Development Projects
Title (cs):Posuzování rizik v projektech vývoje softwaru
Proceedings:Work in Progress 34th Euromicro SEAA Conference
Conference:34th Euromicro SEAA Conference 2008
Place:Parma, IT
Publisher:Johannes Kepler University Linz
Risk Identification, Qualitative Risk Analysis
 In this paper is characterized and rechearched the processes of Project Risk Management which conduct risk planning, identification, analysis, responses, monitoring and control on a project, generally. Especially is described process risk quantification in detail. The method for risk  assessment in Software Development Project is introduced.
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