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BUSCH Christoph, LODROVÁ Dana, TABASSI Elham and KRODEL Wolfgang. Semantic Conformance Testing for Finger Minutiae Data. In: Proceedings of IWSCN2009. Trondheim: IEEE Computer Society, 2009, pp. 17-24. ISBN 978-82-997105-1-0.
Publication language:english
Original title:Semantic Conformance Testing for Finger Minutiae Data
Title (cs):Testování sémantické shody u markantů v otiscích prstů
Proceedings:Proceedings of IWSCN2009
Conference:1st International Workshop on Security and Communication Networks
Place:Trondheim, NO
Publisher:IEEE Computer Society
Semantic conformance testing, fingerprints, standardization.
This paper describes a scheme for semantic conformance
testing of standardized biometric interchange
records. While conformance testing on a syntactical level
has been formulated in the modality specific assertion test,
there is yet no testing methodology being developed that
could attest that a compact interchange record such as a
minutiae template is indeed a faithful representation for the
input signal. Thus we provide a testing methodology and
outline to which extend this methodology can benefit from
ground truth data being collected by forensic experts.
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