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DVOŘÁK Václav and MIKUŠEK Petr. Firmware Optimization for Embedded Logic Control. IFAC-PapersOnLine. Laxenburg: IFAC, 2009, vol. 2009, no. 1, pp. 109-114. ISBN 978-3-902661-69-2. ISSN 1474-6670.
Publication language:czech
Original title:Firmware Optimization for Embedded Logic Control
Title (en):Firmware Optimzation for Embedded Logic Control
Book:4th IFAC Workshop Discrete-Event System Design
Journal:IFAC-PapersOnLine, Vol. 2009, No. 1, Laxenburg, AT
Incompletely specified functions, multi-terminal BDDs, iterative disjunctive decomposition, firmware design, multi-way branching
This paper presents a new method to represent a subclass of multiple-output incompletely specified functions by means of multi-terminal binary decision diagrams (MTBDDs). Algorithm to reduce the cost and width of MTBDDs is presented. A software CAD tool makes use of iterative decomposition to obtain a MTBDD data structure that can be directly mapped to firmware in a form of chained dispatch tables. On a practical example it is shown that there is a space-time trade-off between the amount of memory required for all dispatch tables in a control store and the speed of firmware execution. Support for multi-way branching in a micro-sequencer is assumed.
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