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ZEMČÍK Pavel, HRADIŠ Michal and HEROUT Adam. Exploiting neighbors for faster scanning window detection in images. In: ACIVS 2010. Sydney: Springer Verlag, 2010, p. 12. ISBN 978-3-642-17690-6.
Publication language:english
Original title:Exploiting neighbors for faster scanning window detection in images
Title (cs):Využití sousedů pro rachlejší detekci objektů v obraze
Proceedings:ACIVS 2010
Conference:Advanced Concepts for Intelligent Vision Systems 2010
Series:LNCS 6475
Place:Sydney, AU
Publisher:Springer Verlag
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real-time object detection, image features, WaldBoost
Detection of objects through scanning windows is widely used and accepted method. The detectors traditionally do not make use of information that is shared between neighboring image positions although this fact means that the traditional solutions are not optimal. Addressing this, we propose an efficient and computationally inexpensive approach how to exploit the shared information and thus increase speed of detection. The main idea is to predict responses of the classifier in neighbor windows close to the ones already evaluated and skip such positions where the prediction is confident enough. In order to predict the responses, the proposed algorithm builds a new classifier which reuses the set of image features already exploited. The results show that the proposed approach can reduce scanning time up to four times with only minor increase of error rate. On the presented examples it is shown that, it is possible to reach less than one feature computed on average per single image position. The paper presents the algorithm itself and also results of experiments on several data sets and with different types of image features.
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