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ŠVÉDA Miroslav and VRBA Radimír. A Cyber-Physical System Design Approach. In: Proceedings of The Sixth International Conference on Systems - ICONS 2011. St. Maarten: International Academy, Research, and Industry Association, 2011, pp. 12-18. ISBN 978-1-61208-002-4.
Publication language:english
Original title:A Cyber-Physical System Design Approach
Title (cs):Jeden přístup k návrhu kyberneticko-fyzikálních systémů
Proceedings:Proceedings of The Sixth International Conference on Systems - ICONS 2011
Conference:The Sixth International Conference on Systems/The Tenth International Conference on Networks
Place:St. Maarten, AN
Publisher:International Academy, Research, and Industry Association
Embedded system design, smart sensor, wireless communication, temperature and pressure measurement.
This paper exemplifies principles of cyber-physical systems design using original smart data acquisition systems capable to store and present measured data wirelessly. The presented temperature data logger stands for an example of flexible, mobile and intelligent appliances fitting various industrial or medical applications. Similarly, the discussed sensor network represents a system architecture stemming from wireless smart pressure sensors connected by Bluetooth and from a network concentrator, which is based either on PDA personal digital assistant or on GSM SmartPhone. Two pilot software implementations were developed for IPAQ PDA 5450 and Nokia 3650 SmartPhone. The paper describes a cyber-physical system design approach using novel data acquisition systems, which can serve as components of public or technological process monitoring systems and allow to collect data also from locations difficult to reach, e.g. from sensors located on rotating parts.
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