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ZEMČÍK Pavel and ZUZAŇÁK Jiří. Knowledge representation using graph grammar rewriting system. In: POSTER Papers proceedings. Plzeň, CZ: University of West Bohemia in Pilsen, 2010, pp. 143-149. ISBN 978-80-86943-85-5.
Publication language:english
Original title:Knowledge representation using graph grammar rewriting system
Title (cs):Reprezentace znalostí pomocí grafového přepisovacího systému
Proceedings:POSTER Papers proceedings
Conference:GraVisMa Computer Graphics, Computer Vision and Mathematics 2010
Place:Plzeň, CZ, CZ
Publisher:University of West Bohemia in Pilsen
Graph rewriting, Knowledge representation, Graph grammars, Image processing, Computer vision
Graph rewriting systems are applicable to vast majority of problems that are being solved in computer science.  From problems concerning program optimization, software verification, description, and parsing of structured information to graph programming languages and layout algorithms. Graph rewriting systems are often represented as sets of productions describing transformations on graphs. Each production encapsulates complete information about applicable graph modification.  In context of described rewriting system is production atomic operation. A novel approach to graph rewriting and criteria for production application enabling development of exhaustive graph rewrite system is introduced.
Presented approach is derived from well known double pushout approach (DPO). This paper concentrates on discussion of knowledge formalization representation for modeling concepts and on application of these concepts using the proposed
prorgrammed graph rewriting system.
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