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POLÁČEK Ondřej, KLÍMA Martin, SPORKA Adam J., ŽÁK Pavel, HRADIŠ Michal, ZEMČÍK Pavel and PROCHÁZKA Václav. A comparative study on distant free-hand pointing. In: EuroiTV '12 Proceedings of the 10th European conference on Interactive tv and video. Berlin, Germany: Association for Computing Machinery, 2012, pp. 139-142. ISBN 978-1-4503-1107-6.
Publication language:english
Original title:A Comparative Study on Distant Free-Hand Pointing
Title (cs):Komparativní studie volného ukazování rukou
Proceedings:EuroiTV '12 Proceedings of the 10th European conference on Interactive tv and video
Conference:10th European Interactive TV Conference
Place:Berlin, Germany, DE
Publisher:Association for Computing Machinery
Free-Hand Pointing, Remote Pointing Device, Mouse, Bimanual
Interaction, Fitt's Law, Kinect, Wii
In this paper we present a comparative study of free-hand pointing, an absolute remote pointing device. Unimanual and bimanual interaction were tested as well as the static reference system (spatial coordinates are fixed in the space in front of the TV) and novel body-aligned reference system (coordinates are bound to the current position of the user). We conducted a point-and-click experiment with 12 participants. We have identified the preferred interaction areas for left- and right-handed users in terms of hand preference and preferred spatial areas of the interaction. In bimanual interaction, the users relied more on dominant hand, switching hands only when necessary. Even though the remote pointing device was faster than the free-hand pointing, it was less accepted probably due to its low precision.
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	{\v{Z}}{\'{a}}k and Michal Hradi{\v{s}} and Pavel
	Zem{\v{c}}{\'{i}}k and V{\'{a}}clav
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