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CHMELAŘ Petr, DROZD Michal, ŠEBEK Michal and ZENDULKA Jaroslav. Real-Time Indexing of Complex Data Streams. In: Innovations and Advances in Computing, Informatics, Systems Sciences, Networking and Engineering. Cham: Springer International Publishing, 2015, pp. 371-378. ISBN 978-3-319-06772-8. Available from:
Publication language:english
Original title:Real-Time Indexing of Complex Data Streams
Title (cs):Indexování proudů složitých dat v reálném čase
Proceedings:Innovations and Advances in Computing, Informatics, Systems Sciences, Networking and Engineering
Conference:8th CISSE International Conference 2012
Series:Lecture Notes in Electrical Engineering
Place:Cham, CH
Publisher:Springer International Publishing
data stream indexing, soft real-time constraint, ReTIn framework
The paper deals with indexing of a complex type data
stream stored in a database. We present a novel indexing schema and framework referred to as ReTIn (Real-Time Indexing), the objective of which is to allow indexing of complex data arriving as a stream to a database with respect to soft real-time constraints met with some level of confidence for the maximum duration of insert and select operations. The idea of ReTIn is a combination of a sequential access to the most recent data and an index-based access to less recent data stored in the database. The collection of statistics makes balancing of indexed and unindexed parts of the database efficient. We have implemented ReTIn using PostgreSQL DBMS and its GIN index. Experimental results presented in the paper demonstrate some properties and advantages of our approach.
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