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BAŘINA David and ZEMČÍK Pavel. Wavelet Lifting on Application Specific Vector Processor. In: GraphiCon'2013. Vladivostok: GraphiCon Scientific Society, 2013, pp. 83-86. ISBN 978-5-8044-1402-4.
Publication language:english
Original title:Wavelet Lifting on Application Specific Vector Processor
Title (cs):Vlnková transformace na platformě ASVP
Conference:23rd International Conference on Computer Graphics and Vision
Place:Vladivostok, RU
Publisher:GraphiCon Scientific Society
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discrete wavelet transform, lifting scheme, SIMD, parallelization, vectorisation
The subject of this paper is to compare discrete wavelet transform implementations using lifting scheme on Application-Specific Vector Processor (ASVP).
With the start of the widespread use of discrete wavelet transform the need for its efficient implementation is becoming increasingly more important. This work presents a general approach of discrete wavelet transform scheme vectorisation evaluated on an FPGA-based Application-Specific Vector Processor (ASVP). This unit can be classified as SIMD computer in Flynn's taxonomy. The presented approach is compared with two other non-vectorised approaches. Using the frequently exploited CDF 9/7 wavelet, the achieved speedup is about 2.6× compared to naive implementation.
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