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JURNEČKA Peter, HANÁČEK Petr, BARABAS Maroš, HENZL Martin and KAČIC Matej. A method for parallel software refactoring for safety standards compliance. Resilience, Security & Risk in Transport. London: The Institution of Engineering and Technology, 2013, pp. 42-48. ISBN 978-1-84919-787-8.
Publication language:english
Original title:A method for parallel software refactoring for safety standards compliance
Title (cs):Metoda použitá v systému na úpravu paralelních zdrojových kódu pro dodržování bezpečnostních standardů
Book:Resilience, Security & Risk in Transport
Place:London, GB
Publisher: The Institution of Engineering and Technology
parallel design patterns, refactoring, reliability
The importance of safety standards of software systems is increasing as the use of software grows because of its convenience and flexibility. Software safety standards are very important in aircraft, automotive or medical devices. Common requirement of all these standards is the requirement of reliability, which can be easily achieved by verified usage of design patterns. We have developed parallel code generating and refactoring system for safety standards compliance, which increases reliability of existing codes by refactoring and parallel design patterns. In our research, we have created system for implementation of concurrency and synchronization design patterns into (previously created) poor quality parallel source codes, which is the most important part of reducing potential sources of faults. An important part of our system is a method for specification of verifiable parallel design patterns, which is the main contribution described by this article.
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