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POLČÁK Libor. Challenges in Identification in Future Computer Networks. In: ICETE 2014 Doctoral Consortium. Wien: SciTePress - Science and Technology Publications, 2014, pp. 15-24.
Publication language:english
Original title:Challenges in Identification in Future Computer Networks
Title (cs):Problémy v identifikaci v rámci budoucích počítačových sítí
Proceedings:ICETE 2014 Doctoral Consortium
Conference:11th International Joint Conference on e-Business and Telecommunications - Doctoral Consortium
Place:Wien, AT
Publisher:SciTePress - Science and Technology Publications
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User identification, future computer networks, linkability.
This Ph.D. research focuses on user identification in future computer networks. The aim is to study the information available in different parts of the network (e.g. local area networks - LANs, backbone networks, content provider networks etc.). The ultimate goal is to propose mechanisms that identify the user even though the user changes his or her IP address. Although the primary aim is at identification of traffic of a specific user, identification of data of a specific computer is also considered since it might ease the primary goal of user identification. In addition, the research takes into account latest network technologies: CGN/NAT444, IPv6 and software defined networking (SDN) are considered during the research.
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