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DUDKA Vendula, KŘENA Bohuslav, LETKO Zdeněk, PLUHÁČKOVÁ Hana and VOJNAR Tomáš. Multi-objective Genetic Optimization for Noise-Based Testing of Concurrent Software. In: SSBSE'14. Heidelberg: Springer Verlag, 2014, pp. 107-122. ISBN 978-3-319-09939-2.
Publication language:english
Original title:Multi-objective Genetic Optimization for Noise-Based Testing of Concurrent Software
Title (cs):Multi-kriteriální genetická optimalizace pro testování vícevláknových programů za pomoci šumu
Conference:SSBSE - 6th Symposium on Search Based Software Engineering
Series:LNCS 8636
Place:Heidelberg, DE
Publisher:Springer Verlag
Concurrent programs, testing, noise injection, genetic algorithm, multi-objective

Testing of multi-threaded programs is
a~demanding work due to the many possible thread interleavings one should
examine. The noise injection technique helps to increase the number of thread
interleavings examined during repeated test executions provided that a~suitable
setting of noise injection heuristics is used. The problem of finding such
a~setting, i.e., the so called test and noise configuration search problem (TNCS
problem), is not easy to solve. In this paper, we show how to apply
a~multi-objective genetic algorithm (MOGA) to the TNCS problem. In particular,
we focus on generation of TNCS solutions that cover a~high number of distinct
interleavings (especially those which are rare) and provide stable results at
the same time. To achieve this goal, we study suitable metrics and ways how to
suppress effects of non-deterministic thread scheduling on the proposed
MOGA-based approach. We also discuss a~choice of a~concrete MOGA and its
parameters suitable for our setting.  Finally, we show on a~set of benchmark
programs that our approach provides better results when compared to the commonly
used random approach as well as to the sooner proposed use of a~single-objective
genetic approach.
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