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SZURMAN Karel, MIČULKA Lukáš and KOTÁSEK Zdeněk. State Synchronization after Partial Reconfiguration of Fault Tolerant CAN Bus Control System. In: 17th Euromicro Conference on Digital Systems Design. Verona: IEEE Computer Society, 2014, pp. 704-707. ISBN 978-0-7695-5074-9.
Publication language:english
Original title:State Synchronization after Partial Reconfiguration of Fault Tolerant CAN Bus Control System
Title (cs):Synchronizace stavu systému odolného proti poruchám pro řízení CAN sběrnice po částečné rekonfiguraci
Proceedings:17th Euromicro Conference on Digital Systems Design
Conference:17th Euromicro Conference on Digital Systems Design: Architectures, Methods and Tools
Place:Verona, IT
Publisher:IEEE Computer Society
state synchronization, recovery, partial dynamic reconfiguration, fault tolerance, FPGA, triple modular redundancy, CAN bus control system
The paper is focused on the state synchronization issue for a fault-tolerant systems implemented into SRAM-based FPGA after repairing of detected failure. Fault-tolerant systems often use HW redundancy to increase their reliability and partial dynamic reconfiguration of FPGA to repair the part of configuration memory with copy of the protected circuit where the failure was detected. In the paper, implemented fault-tolerant system which integrates previously developed reconfiguration controller and CAN bus control system is described. Then, generic architecture for the synchronization is proposed and synchronization methods for given fault-tolerant system are implemented.
In the design of Fault Tolerant Systems, some type of hardware redundancy is often used, Triple Modular Redundancy being one of the well known techniques of this type. Anyway, it must be taken into account that, after one of the copies of the implemented hardware fails, then it loses fault mitigation ability and continues in operation degraded to selfchecking pair. In today's dependable systems fault mitigation techniques are combined with techniques for the system repair and recovery. In FPGA-based systems the recovery process can be implemented by Partial Dynamic Reconfiguration process. In this paper, previously developed Fault Tolerant CAN Bus Control system and the FPGA partial reconfiguration process are combined to achieve the control system self-repairing ability. The synchronization process of the recovered circuit copy with the rest of the system which was operating while the faulty component reconfiguration was performed, is described in the paper.
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