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MATES Vojtěch, RYCHLÝ Marek and HRUŠKA Tomáš. Modelling of Context-Adaptable Business Processes and their Implementation as Service-Oriented Architecture. In: Procedia Economics and Finance. Amsterdam, 2014, pp. 412-421. ISSN 2212-5671. Available from:
Publication language:english
Original title:Modelling of Context-adaptable Business Processes and their Implementation as Service-oriented Architecture
Title (cs):Modelování business procesů přizpůsobujících se kontextu a jejich implementace pomocí architektury orientované na služby
Proceedings:Procedia Economics and Finance
Conference:Enterprise and the Competitive Environment 2014
Place:Amsterdam, NL
Journal:Procedia Economics and Finance, Vol. 12, No. 2014, Amsterdam, NL
Business process adaptation; SOA; Web service orchestration; context-aware system
The paper deals with a description of a system capable of automatic adaptation of managing logic. The logic is continuously adapting according to a user-driven and environmental context. The system observes the context and modifies implementations of business processes in order to keep optimal and fault-tolerant performance by utilising different services is service-oriented architecture.
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