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SVOBODA Jan, BRONSTEIN Michael and DRAHANSKÝ Martin. Contactless biometric hand geometry recognition using a low-cost 3D camera. In: Proceedings 2015 International Conference on Biometrics. Phuket: IEEE Biometric Council, 2015, pp. 452-457. ISBN 978-1-4799-7824-3.
Publication language:english
Original title:Contactless biometric hand geometry recognition using a low-cost 3D camera
Title (cs):Bezdotykové biometrické rozpoznávání geometrie ruky využívající lacinou 3D kameru
Proceedings:Proceedings 2015 International Conference on Biometrics
Conference:The 8th IAPR International Conference on Biometrics
Place:Phuket, TH
Publisher:IEEE Biometric Council
biometric system, hand geometry, 2D data, 3D data, comparison, scanner, sensor
In the past decade, the interest in using 3D data for
biometric person authentication has increased significantly,
propelled by the availability of affordable 3D sensors. The
adoption of 3D features has been especially successful
in face recognition applications, leading to several commercial
3D face recognition products. In other biometric
modalities such as hand recognition, several studies have
shown the potential advantage of using 3D geometric information,
however, no commercial-grade systems are currently
available. In this paper, we present a contactless
3D hand recognition system based on the novel Intel RealSense
camera, the first mass-produced embeddable 3D
sensor. The small form factor and low cost make this sensor
especially appealing for commercial biometric applications,
however, they come at the price of lower resolution
compared to more expensive 3D scanners used in previous
research. We analyze the robustness of several existing 2D
and 3D features that can be extracted from the images captured
by the RealSense camera and study the use of metric
learning for their fusion.
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