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ARON Lukáš and HANÁČEK Petr. Overview of security on mobile devices. In: The 2nd IEEE World Symposium on Web Application and Networking (WSWAN'2015). Sousse: N&N Global Technology, 2015, pp. 2-16. ISBN 978-9938-9563-3-7.
Publication language:english
Original title:Overview of security on mobile devices
Title (cs):Přehled bezpečnosti na mobilních zařízení
Proceedings:The 2nd IEEE World Symposium on Web Application and Networking (WSWAN'2015)
Conference:The 2nd World Symposium On Web Applications and Networking 2015
Place:Sousse, TN
Publisher:N&N Global Technology
Security, Android, iOS, Windows Phone, Security Models, Malware
This paper contains depth description of security models of modern mobile operating system like Android, iOS and Windows Phone. These security models are cornerstones of security on current platforms. Despite of different approaches of security they have a lot of in common. This paper also contains the most discussed security problem of nowadays, Malware. 
Description of malicious software is from Application-based view. However, modern operating system has strong protection against viruses and other types of infection through its security model, the weakest point of mobile devices are still users. These users usually install additional software into their devices. This
paper focuses on Android malware infection and provides a few protection methods against this type security threat.
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