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DRAHANSKÝ Martin, KANICH Ondřej, BŘEZINOVÁ Eva and SHINODA Koichi. Experiments with optical properties of skin on fingers. International Journal of Optics and Applications. Rosemead: Scientific & Academic Publishing, 2016, vol. 2016, no. 2, pp. 37-46. ISSN 2168-5053.
Publication language:english
Original title:Experiments with optical properties of skin on fingers
Title (cs):Experimenty s optickými vlastnostmi kůže na prstech
Journal:International Journal of Optics and Applications, Vol. 2016, No. 2, Rosemead, US
human skin; liveness detection; skin disease; biometrics
This article describes our experiments with optical properties of skin on fingers. At the beginning we introduce the medical skin structure and measurement of blood oxidation. This information is needed for the second part - preparation of our measurement (acquirement) equipment for multispectral skin illumination using various wavelengths and for finger vein acquirement using infrared light. Follow results from our experiments which are summarized in graphs and tables. The aim of this research is to find a suitable solution for liveness detection (anti-spoofing), based on optical properties of skin on fingers.
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