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IAREMKO Iaroslav, ARON Lukáš and HANÁČEK Petr. Improving IP Geolocation Using Network Measurement Characteristics. In: HKICEAS. Hong Kong: Higher Education Forum, 2015, pp. 210-220. ISBN 978-986-87417-4-4.
Publication language:english
Original title:Improving IP Geolocation Using Network Measurement Characteristics
Title (cs):Vylepšení Geolokace pomocí síťové IP charakteristiky
Conference:Hong Kong International Conference on Engineering and Applied Sciences
Place:Hong Kong, CN
Publisher:Higher Education Forum
TCP, RTT, TTL, IATA, GeoIP, handshake, network node distance
This paper describes the basic principles of evaluation of the physical location of the network focusing on passive IP geolocation methods. Creating a software application enables us to determine the position of the stations on the Internet using selected localization databases. The algorithm for locating the position of the station uses the combination of location databases and other available means of IP geolocation. The paper describes basic principles of TCP connection. It explains the activities of TCP protocol and shows how you can utilize TCP handshake in determining the distance between nodes. The distance between two or more computers is shown by the analysis of TCP, by monitoring TCP packets to calculate the TCP Round Trip Time and comparing the results from methods such as IATA, TTL and GEOIP for calculating distance measurement. An assessment of the created system and performance tests is enclosed as part of this paper.
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